Friday, September 9, 2011

Comments! :)

Hi Geeps!
You eat too little! Why don't you eat dinner? That's really unhealthy you know! >< Haha, but in general, I think you need more carbohydrates, calcium and dietary fibre. I think that at this age, it is important for us to take sufficient amounts of all these, because it will help us to grow and stay healthy! (:

The diet you listed out seems to be almost absent of vegetables! Perhaps you are not a large vegetable fan, but I think it is quite important that you eat some. If not on its own, perhaps in the form of soup? (eg. mushroom, minestrone etc.) Or fresh juice? Such as carrot juice? :)

Also, your energy intake is quite low, so it probably means you need more carbohydrates. Perhaps in the morning, for breakfast, have bread instead of cookies? From your blog URL, I can tell it would be quite sad to change this habit, but it might benefit you to eat more bread. Or more food in general. ><

On a side note, I like your background, it's so colourful! xD And the way you comment after your posts show that you have really thought through the information presented to you! :D

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