Friday, September 9, 2011

Comments! :)

Hi Shu Ying! :D
Your blog is very very detailed! I like the way you use the tools, because you have really listed everything down neatly and the information you show is really useful in showing us the food type! (You even count the amount of calories each type of food you eat ><) The organisation is also very good, because everything is put very nicely together in tables. (: Oh, and nice use of visual tools like pictures! :D They help to capture attention and for readers to visualise what you are talking about. xD

On the other hand, I think that its kind of unhealthy to skip lunch (day 3, was it?), but sometimes it is inevitable, especially if we have to go to school, right? ): Still, perhaps you could have squeezed in a sandwich? Or maybe a fruit or two. Like apples. Then not only will you be able to get at least 1 serving of fruit, but you won't have to go through the rest of the day with an empty stomach xD

Overall, I think you eat quite healthily! :D Which is why you look healthy in school too! xD So in the future, don't skip lunch, kay? (:

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