Friday, September 9, 2011

Comments! :)

Hey Desiree! ^^
I think your blog is very detailed and organised. For example, you even gave a guideline on how much is 1 serving according to the food pyramid! :D Also, the table you constructed for your daily diet is very impressive! :O It shows precisely what you ate and what constitutes the final values you get from using the online tools! (:

However, it seems like you are lacking (severely) in calcium! (that's probably why you are so...small) You need to get more calcium! Perhaps drink a glass of milk everyday? (: Also, I seem to notice that a lot of food you eat is fried or uses larger amounts of oil, so I guess that's why you have a higher fat percentage in your average meal than what is recommended. xD I guess the first step would be to cut down on food that uses a lot of oil? Like the potato cutlets, though they are really nice to eat! xD

(p.s. your font is a bit hard to read and the text is a bit small :P)

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